Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So Glad Spring is Here!

Well now that spring is here I can start thinking about moving outside for the summer.  Can't wait for it to get warm enough.  The interior is still not done but its hard to get it done when there is no way to do it when I get no time here to myself.  My partner works rediculous hours.  So he is always sleeping anytime I am here.  So come the warmer weather he's going to be sleeping in a tent while I finish the house.  It is going to be great to get all the extra stuff we have in here out too.  We need a storage tent to put our extra things while we work on the house.  Problem is that it is very windy up here.  We have one tent we are using for storage currently.  We are lucky it has not blown away.  It cant though because it is so full of things.  
     I have BIG plans for the summer months.  I am going to finish the house.  I am going to make an outdoor living reatreat and I am going to make an exterior bathing area.  
     I am lucky enough to get my hands on a claw foot tub that I will use for the bathing area.  Think claw foot tub on the edge of a field with moss at its base fed with spring water.  I am going to heat it like a hot tub.  Maybe build a fire under it or get a small wood stove and use copper tubes to heat the water around the flue of the wood stove.  
     The outdoor living reatreat will be in a screened in tent.  It will have a low table and most of the seating will be on the ground on pillows.  It will be very bohemian.  Part of the tent will serve as a kitchen in warmer weather.  The kitchen will be on a low counter.  We will have Moroccan lanterns as lights and some Christmas lights too. 
     Finishing the house will include just about everything on the interior.  About 80 percent of the lighting is finished.  No interior walls are up yet.  So I have yet to make a bathroom.  The kitchen is started but there is soooo much more to do.  Most of the interior has exposed craft paper of the insulation.  I am also going to have AC electric outlets.  All the wire has been run but the oulets have not been finished being wired yet and I will need to wire it to a panel.  Then if I want I could have the generator power the panel or I could have an electric hookup if I needed it.  
     The good thing is that  because I am very remote I can really spread out if I want to. That kind of negates being a minimalist but I don't really consider myself a minimalist anyway.  I have way less than your average person I think but I still have stuff.  

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  1. Are you still living on the land trust? Is it possible for another tiny home to live there too? Please let me know, as I am having so much trouble finding a place to put my tiny home. I'm on disability so my income is set low. Thanks!