Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In the beginning...

The Tiny House Saga Begins

Who Built it:
Hi. My name is Maggie. I went to school for Interior design and have been doing interiors and Architecture for almost 20 years.  I would like to help others with designing there own perfect tiny home.  You can contact me through this blog if you interested in my help.
I am interested in designing unique homes with a lot of character.
I built and designed my tiny house myself. My boyfriend Andy helped with the building process. Mostly framing and roofing it.

Why I built it:
I wanted the flexibility to own my own quality built home and be able to move with it. I love to travel and I thought it would be amazing to have everything I needed and wanted with me yet pick up and move when I wanted. I wanted to be financially stable without having to spend money to house all my unused things.

Where I built it:
I built it in the Ghetto in Syracuse NY and moved it into the country at the end of the fall 2013

When I built it:
Summer 2013 from June to November. The interior is not yet completed but I am living in it anyway.
I plan on finishing the interior by spring/summer 2014

What I used to build it:
It's built with 2x4's on a new 10,000 gvwr trailer. The walls are mostly insulated with R-15 batt insulation. The roof with rigid insulation. The floor with rigid as well. There is a rain screen design with the exterior siding. The exterior siding is pine painted.  The house is bolted to the trailer in several locations with Simpson Supports also.  The roof is metal.

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