Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Land Trust

So we live on a land trust.  It is beautiful here and so far we have not had issues with any building officials.  We hope that we are remote enough so that they do not bother us and I mean remote.  We have to drive to the top of a hill to get to our house and much of the time you need to have chains on your tires in order to get to the top during the winter. Though you don't have to live at the top if you don't want.   We wanted to.   The land trust has been great.  Essentially we said we were going to move here and everyone basically said Ok.  We didn't have to have a deposit and it is very inexpensive to live here..  $130 per person per month.  Though that does not include the another $30 per person per month to put into a land trust fund so that others can make more land trusts.  But that is it.  $160 per person per month max.  What a deal! If you are interested in living on a land trust and don't mind snow give me a shout.  I mentioned to the other people on the land trust that tiny houses are looking for a place to be and I think they would be open to more of us around but they don't want trailers because they have had issues with them in the past (I think because of heating issues and they are not that efficient)  and I don't think they want yurts here either. But I think yurts are cool.  I think they are looking for more hardy permanent houses and I think my tiny house has won their approval and set a good example.  We have access to spring water and when we get our water hooked up it will be coming out of our tap! How awesome.  Also at the top there are no hookups but you could probably get internet if you wanted to. At the bottom you could get electric if you wanted. 

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