Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Move

The move didn't go so smoothly. I thought I had way less stuff.  Well you realize how much stuff you really have when you move.  There comes a point when you just have to move it.  The stuff I kept I wanted but because the inside is not done yet I can't put in in the house yet.  The bed is in the loft though but all my belongings are out in a tent or under tarps. Slowly much of it is getting ruined anyway because of the rain.  I lost several more books.  We plan on getting storage tents to put the stuff in but haven't gotten them yet.  So you ask...Why were we in such a hurry to move? The answer is this.  We were moving to a land trust way on top of a hill through a field.  We wanted to get here before the snow flew.  Also we lived and built the house in the ghetto.  It was only a matter of time before it got vandalized.  We are lucky the tires didn't get slashed or that they didn't break in and steal stuff or break the windows.  They did try to get in through the windows though and tore the screens out to try but they didn't break the windows.  So we made it out of the ghetto in the nick of time.  Also...our apartment was in the ghetto so we really wanted to get out.  There were shootings out front and constant noise pollution, rap music, people fighting, people doing all sorts of things that lived above and below us, sirens, cars, babies crying.  It was the city.
So now here we are in the very quiet country.  It is very peaceful here.  My cards said I would be having a time of well deserved peace.  The only thing you hear are the coyotes at night during the winter. I imagine summer you will hear the crickets and the frogs. How very lovely it is. 

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